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Neue Tänze 2018 (A-Z)

All You Need  Be My Baby  Be There In Your Morning (Offener Trainingsabend Mai) Bodyguard (TBZ Anwärter Gold 2018) Boys And A Girl Thing (Offener Trainingsabend Feber) Bring On The Good Times But Darlin´(Sondertraining Motion) Country Night in Norway D.H.S.S. … Weiterlesen

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Neue Tänze 2017 (A-Z)

1.            Ain´t Misbehavin 2.            Amame 3.            Cheese Cake 4.            Got A Feeling 5.            Hickory Lake 6.            Homegrown 7.            Lonely 8.            Make Your Mark 9.            MamboSA 10.          Mini Barrel 11.          No Roots 12.          Pop Da Booty 13.          Rocket To The Sun … Weiterlesen

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